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Recover myself after shark attack -Ulualoha Napeahi

CBD helped me a lot to recover after the Shark Attack. We have been using your products religiously and I really like it! It's definitely helping me.

Most Effective CBD! -Flyyn Novak

I have tried at least 5 or 6 different types of CBD tinctures over the past 3 years, and Himiko Organics Nano Technology product is the most effective Nano CBD I've ever used. I feel the regeneration, sleep super deep with vivid dreams, and my brain feels like it's running on a higher level consistently through out each day. Thank you for putting out such an amazing and helpful products for the world to heal with!

Yesterday, I spent over 8 hours in the lineup at Pipeline, mostly getting bulldozed by huge second reef sets, and a few bounces off the reef. Last night I used Nano tincture & Cooling Gel by Himiko Organics and got a good nights rest, now I’m feeling like I didn’t even surf yesterday.

Concentrated balm Heals Well! -Takayuki Wakita

I have sore all over my body cause pounding by the waves but they are working great for healing!

Love Face Masks! -Tealeugene

I like the oils my wife likes the face packs after surfing and her friend who is a swimwear model tried it to and likes it. We would like to try your gummies.

Higher Level of Focus! -Masaru Kase

I took 1500ml tincture before exercise. It was good. This natural flavor is better than other companies’ one. When I feel tired from work and use this, I can be more concentrated and productive at work.

Even works for rash!

I tried using Concentrated Balm when I had shoulder pain. The pain relieved and I fell asleep. I also applied it to a pimple by my mouth, and it was clean without realizing. Broad Spectrum THC Free Organic Hemp Non GMO

Stop Loosing Temper!

My eldest son has symptoms similar to

ADHD. I dropped Himiko Organics THC Free CBD oil into his daily drink;

  • Got up smoothly in the morning

  • No more grumpiness

  • Doesn’t lose his temper

  • Calm down

  • Rebellion became easy going

  • Started having positive thinking

He can have peaceful mind without being irritated. The school teacher also told me he is always smiling and looks great. The teacher asked me if I did anything different for him. This is really amazing!

For my breast cancer treatment

乳癌治療中の私。治す為に何を取り入れたら良いか・・・日々色々と調べていますが、外せないのは、CBDだと思いました。欲しいけど、どこのメーカーのものを購入したら良いか分からず、数ヶ月経ち・・・・ついに購入しました!ナノテクノロジーCBD!Himiko Organicsさんありがとうございました!毎日大切に使います!

Essential for my Daily life! -Owner of Hello Sunshine Project

薬に頼る必要がなくなる救世主。癌になりにくい身体をつくりにはCBDがおすすめ!私は、Himiko OrganicsのCBDオイルを使っています。信頼のあるところから買うのが一番大切。

Stay calm and sleep!

Thank you for the Nano CBD! It really helped me to stay calm and I finally got some sleep!

Nanotechnology Softgel makes Next Day!


Cooling Roll on Gel helped my dad!

I Just wanted to say the "cooling Roll on Gel" is amazing. This product is seriously I gave my dad the one I had cause he had to stop working. Because foot starting to get really sore. So after I let him try couple days, he called and said this product helped me big time. He might be able to work after using it for a couple more days. I wanted to try and get another on.

Release from Asthma!

I was having chronic cough due to asthma. For the past 2 months, in order to sleep I had to be on the sitting position. I was having a hard time because I could not get better.   I had lack of sleep due to cough, nerve system disorder and back pain caused by excessive cough. I tried HIMIKO ORGANICS CBD oil, and after about 20 minutes of ingestion, my cough stopped. After a few days, my cough completely disappeared and I could sleep peacefully.

Himiko Organics is different!

My Full names, Kolomona Fernandez and I am a Big wave watersafety professional.

In 2018 I suffered a torn aorta in the ocean and had to have a 16 hr. open heart surgery. I refused to take synthetic opioids. I use Himiko Organics CBD to keep me rested and ready for those back to back 14 hr. days at Jaws. I don’t know what I’d do without it. It is hands down the best there is!!!


Honestly I’ve used a few different CBD oils but I’ve never felt more well rested and ready than with Himiko.

I just did 10 hrs today on the water I need my sleep and I know Himiko will help me heal.

Returning to my previous body!

I have connective tissue disorder for a few years. I am less irritated, got rid of tiredness and able to move around! Felling like returning to my previous body.

Her husband's comment: She had been tired, staying home doing nothing, no smile and no conversation for a few years. but after she used Himiko Organics Nanotechnology Tincture, she now has a smile, makes conversation and even moves around to clean the house. Himiko Organics Nanotechnology Tincture is really amazing!

Changing my life!-Justin Puerto

As a daily jiu-jitsu practitioner we are smashing, contorting, bending our bodies in ways that many wont experience if they never try this art. Over the years injuries start to pile on, as well as old existing injuries that seem to regularly knock on your door from time to time. Himiko Nanotechnology CBD Relief Cooling Gel has been my secret weapon over the past few months. My lower back injury, crimped fingers, and also stiff neck has never been more relieved since I've started using the product! Out of various CBD products I've tried over the years, Himiko Products keep me coming back and satisfied. Hard training ~> Hot shower -> Relief Cooling Gel. Nightly ritual! Thank you Himiko for changing my life!

Best CBD oil I have ever used!-DONOVAN GADINGAN

I have used a bunch of different brands of CBD oil and Himiko Organics is by far the best CBD oil I have ever used. I take a few drops before my spearfishing adventures to calm my mind and to release any tension in my body.

These reviews are based on personal experiences.
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