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Our Athletes Team

Jimmy "Ulu Boi" Napeahi

Pro Surfer

Hilo, Big Island

Himiko Organics Hawaiian Ambassador

CBD helped me a lot to recover after the Shark Attack. We have been using your products religiously and I really like it! It's definitely helping me.

Ulualoha Napeahi, Pipeline

Ulu Boi

Jimmy Ulualoha Napeahi "ULUBOI"

Flynn Novak

Pro Surfer

North Shore, Oahu

Flynn Novak

"I have tried at least 5 or 6 different types of CBD tinctures over the past 3 years, and your Nano Technology product is the most effective CBD I've ever used. I feel the regeneration, sleep super deep with vivid dreams, and my brain feels like it's running on a higher level consistently through out each day. Thank you for putting out such an amazing and helpful products for the world to heal with!

Yesterday, I spent over 8 hours in the lineup at Pipeline, mostly getting bulldozed by huge second reef sets, and a few bounces off the reef. Last night I used Nano tincture & Cooling Gel by Himiko Organics and got a good nights rest, now I’m feeling like I didn’t even surf yesterday. "

Flynn Novak, Pipeline

Flynn Novak, Air back flip

Kolomona Fernandez

Big wave watersafety professional

Maui, Hawaii

My Full names, Kolomona Fernandez and I am a Big wave watersafety professional.

In 2018 I suffered a torn aorta in the ocean and had to have a 16 hr. open heart surgery. I refused to take synthetic opioids. I use Himiko Organics CBD to keep me rested and ready for those back to back 14 hr. days at Jaws. I don’t know what I’d do without it. It is hands down the best there is!!!


Honestly I’ve used a few different CBD oils but I’ve never felt more well rested and ready than with Himiko. I just did 10 hrs today on the water I need my sleep and I know Himiko will help me heal.

Surfboard Fins

Nelson Ahina III

Long Board Pro Surfer

Honolulu, Oahu

Nelson Ahina

I just wanted to say I tried a couple drops of the 1000mg and I love the way it made my body relax and my surfing felt really smooth. It also helped me to be calm around the crowd today. I just put the CBD body balm on my tailbone, knees and kneck. So far it’s feeling really good. I’m loving he product and my family is also trying with me. It’s only first day but I wanted to say thank you again.

Good morning,  I’m loving the balm for work and after surf. Also the tinctures are helping me be relaxed and less headaches. Thank you again. 

I Just wanted to say the "cooling Roll on Gel" is amazing. This product is seriously I gave my dad the one I had cause he had to stop working. Because foot starting to get really sore. So after I let him try couple days, he called and said this product helped me big time. He might be able to work after using it for a couple more days. I wanted to try and get another on.

Nelson Ahina
Surfboard Fins

Masaru Kase

Pro Surfer

Niijima, JAPAN

Masaru Kase


Surfboard Fins

Kaya Waldman

Big Wave Surfer

Kauai, Hawaii

Kaya Waldman

I have been using Himiko Organic’s products for over a month now and have been using them daily. I have noticed the positive effects it has on my body and mind. I exercise pretty vigorously everyday and since I have implemented their CBD into my daily routine my recovery has been so much better. I roll on the CBD rub on my sore areas, lately it has been my ankles and shoulders from lots of running and swimming. It is a nice icy-hot relief. I take the 250mg tincture every night to increase the recover even more and get a good night of rest. I have noticed I am able to remember my dreams a lot better in the morning. I love eating a CBD gummy before my workouts, it’s like a little boost and keeps me focused. Overall I am loving their products. One of the biggest things I appreciate about Himiko is that they source organic hemp for their products. This is high quality stuff and The people are also so awesome. 

Kaya Waldman

Takayuki Wakita

Pro Surfer

Northshore, Oahu 

Fujisawa, Japan

I have sore all over my body cause pounding by the waves but they are working great for healing!

Justin Puerto

Jujitsu Instructor at Island Jujitsu

Honolulu, Hawaii

As a daily jiu-jitsu practitioner we are smashing, contorting, bending our bodies in ways that many wont experience if they never try this art. Over the years injuries start to pile on, as well as old existing injuries that seem to regularly knock on your door from time to time. Himiko Nanotechnology CBD Relief Cooling Gel has been my secret weapon over the past few months. My lower back injury, crimped fingers, and also stiff neck has never been more relieved since I've started using the product! Out of various CBD products I've tried over the years, Himiko Products keep me coming back and satisfied. Hard training ~> Hot shower -> Relief Cooling Gel. Nightly ritual! Thank you Himiko for changing my life!

Steve Herrschaft


SUP Foiler

Santa Cruz, California

I am a 60 year old who loves SUP Foiling. I foil at leas 3 time a week. I foil waist high waves to 2 foot overhead waves. Every day I use Himiko Organics Premium CBD Tincture 1000mg. I have tried other types of CBD tinctures and they are no where close to the purity and quality of your CBD tincture. The joints in my hands would ache real bad from paddling and sore legs from pumping. But after taking the 1000mg tincture, the pain has completely abated. Great product. I will never use anything else. Steve.

World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has announced that it has added CBD to its legal designations.


All our CBD products are 100% THC Free Broad Spectrum.

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