Water Soluble Powder 1000mg

Water Soluble Powder 1000mg

Water Soluble Powder

The industry-leading, state-of-the-art Water Soluble Broad Spectrum CBD Powder is a 20% concentration product containing 1000 mg of CBD.

Used by pastry chefs, restaurants and food developers.

It can be mixed in Water, Coffee, Tea, Smoothies.

Easily dissolves in any liquid.

Add it to your own recipe. Baking, Cooking.

It comes with a small measuring spoon, so you can have an idea of ​​how much CBD you should take.
The bioavailability (in vivo absorption rate) of oral absorption when using standard CBD oil is low, about 6%, but with our unique water-soluble technology it's nano-sized when in liquid form and provides high bioavailability. Designed to increase absorption rate.
It's one of the few broad spectrum that contains cannabis-derived terpenes and other cannanoids, and synergistically, you can experience the amplified benefits of CBD.
Since it dissolves in water and any liquid, the oil does not float on the surface, it mixes evenly, and you can easily ingest CBD just by mixing it with your favorite drink or into your own recipe baking, cooking.
It is a healthy and safe CBD powder that has Kosher and Halal certifications that set strict regulations in the manufacturing process.
And it's gluten-free and vegan.
Recommended for those who are busy every day, have an active lifestyle and for athletes who take their bodies to the limit every day to replenish their energy!

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